About Randy Paulino

Randy Paulino

I am Randy Paulino, a Filipino Graphic/ Web/ UI Designer & Artist, Political Idealist, a Writing & Photography Enthusiast, and a Businessman.  A Graduate of Computer Engineering, with background in Business Development and Information Technology, working as a Graphic Designer by profession, and this is my blog site. My expertise vary from Graphic Design (which includes Image Editing, Photo Manipulation, Vector Graphics), Publishing and Print materials, to Web Design (HTML, CSS, Content Management Systems), SEO, and Web Development (PHP, MySQL).  I also work on Branding and Corporate-Marketing Identity. I have experiences in Business Consultancy with independent startup entrepreneurs and distributors.  I also have scholastic backgrounds in Data Communications, Hardware Modular Design & Peripherals and Open-source applications.  I now manage and operate my freelance creative and design label, Antworks™ Digital Design & Concepts

My personal interests range from modern art (comics, graphic novels), the Mob Culture (in movies and literature), and Filipino History.  I also have knowledge-base in World War II History, the Cold War era, and Political Idealism.  I am also a practicing Nationalist and currently trying to conceive an ideology based on what I call and describe as “Liberal Nationalism / Absolute Centrism” (based on the political spectrum), which simply conveys to the principle “Freedom ends where morality begins” and directly eludes to the core ideal “For God and Country”.  Subtleties of these philosophies can be read in my journals and essays posted in this site.