15th Floor Octagon Bldg – Wall Street Does not Lie

Wallstreet Article

15th Floor Octagon Bldg. – Nu Skin Enterprises / Nu Skin Philippines, is far from a scam.  And Wall Street attests to this fact.

Because of the company’s ability to position products successfully within billion dollar markets and because of their unique commission program, development and expansion of domestic and international markets occur rapidly. Because of the ground floor nature of this opportunity, the individuals who work with the company in helping to establish these markets will have the ability to participate in explosive growth and develop a residual income stream that could make them financially secure for life. This is not hype but fact.

To date, the company has produced the most number of US$ millionaires – more than 600 than other  any MLM company.

And 26 deca millionaires (10M$ and above) in total net commissions.


It would also be interesting to note that Nu Skin has the largest percentage of Professionals with degrees-56% compared to the industry wide statistics of 23%.

  • Jay Primm, Former V.P., Wall St. Investment Banking Firm.
  • Frank Slavick , McDonalds Corp., Former Owner of 3 McDonalds franchises.
  • Gary Wattenberg, Former CEO, Adolfo Men’s Clothing, Fortune 500 company with $350M  in annual sales.
  • Ron Harbison, MBA, Former Federal Regulator and Practicing CPA.
  • Judy Armijo, Former owner, Largest Independent Auto leasing Co. in Colorado.
  • Gloria Miller, Former President, National Transportation industry Firm.
  • Dr. Ted Edwards. Jr. MD, Physician Emeritus to the U.S. Olympic Cycling Team.
  • Tammy Sin, McDonalds Corp., Former Marketing Director , McDonalds Hong Kong
  • Jack R. Pfeifer, MD. Vascular Surgeon, Director of Research and Chairman at the Department of Surgery, Providence Hospital, Detroit. Adjunct Professor of Health Sciences at Oakland University. Consulting editor: Annals of Vascular Surgery. Board of Directors: North American Society of Phlebotomy and First Alexander Hamilton Life Insurance Company. President: Michigan Vascular Society. Chairman of the committee of Ethics and Professional Standards, North American Society of Phlebotomy. International lecturer on vascular medicine and antioxidants.
  • Hung Tai Wang, Ph.D. former U.S. Government Science researcher, Star Wars project.
  • Marc Barrett, Former President, Landmark Financial Corp., real estate development.
  • Fred Thornley, Former Exec.V.P. Armor All Products Corp.
  • Danny White, Professional Football Player, All Pro, Former Quarterback Dallas Cowboys.
  • Brent Bryson, former owner of 9 Subway franchises in the US.


Nu Skin: Markets a line of skin and personal care products that are the most expensively manufactured products of their type in the world, priced less than comparable products and utilizing a radically different technology. These products tap into a worldwide $75 billion dollar market, which is expanding almost geometrically. Because of our leading edge technology and unique marketing structure we have a lock on a large segment of that market. Established the Nu Skin Center for Dermatological Research center at Stanford University-the top dermatological school in the world.

Reader’s Digest-“super brand” awarded to Nu Skin. This marks another milestone to Nu Skin as the only network marketing company to establish such a high level of branding and market recognition for the products.

Pharmanex: Markets a line of leading edge and technologically superior nutritional products that utilize technology a full generation ahead of other products of this type. The revolutionary Pharmanex business strategy has been to research and develop nutritional products using a strict pharmaceutical approach to testing and standardization. Because of this unique approach Pharmanex has developed several proprietary patent pending formulations that have documented results due to extensive clinical testing.

Boasts of 50 PhD’s on staff. Most of them are listed on the who’s who of natural products chemistry and medicine. Headed by Dr Carl Djerrassi – the inventor of the oral contraceptive pill, winner of the national medal of science, and the national medal of technology. This company is also backed by prestigious institutions such as UCLA , the Beijing medical university, and the Shanghai medical university. The company has established the Pharmanex Phytochemical Laboratories at UCLA.

One of these products alone, Cholestin, which promotes healthy cholesterol levels represents a multi-billion dollar market potential. Once Cholestin cleared the FDA hurdles for marketing and distribution in the US several weeks ago, the company turned down a $500 million dollar product-licensing package by a major US pharmaceutical company. Because of the proprietary technology they use to develop products and their unique market position, sales and marketing experts project Pharmanex sales to move from less than $60 million last year to over one billion dollars within the next 2 years of operation.

Technology and the Internet represent two of the most potentially explosive growth areas in the US economy. Those companies and individuals fortunate enough to been able to tap into those markets over the last few years have in many cases become overnight millionaires.

Locally in the Philippines, Nu Skin has been performing likewise with its international stature and practice, and these are guaranteed information that even Wall Street would NOT lie about.


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2 Responses to 15th Floor Octagon Bldg – Wall Street Does not Lie

  1. Liza says:

    You might also want to check out these articles from the respected Forbes Magazine talking about Nu Skin:

    January 2009 issue: Nu Skin is one of the top 10 MUST-BUY stock:

    July 2009: Still MUST-BUY:

    Kudos to you for this blog service to help people make an informed decision.

    All the best.

  2. Marietjie van Niekerk says:

    Brilliant article and newsworthy!

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