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15th Floor Octagon Bldg in Pasig City, and 26th Floor Trafalgar Plaza in Makati…Devious and curious for facts and answers? It is Nu Skin Philippines.  I have posted several articles in this blogsite, feel free to explore them.

Now I will be posting several press releases locally here in the Philippines, to somehow establish credebility and clear assumptions of eluding it to a scam.

This post is from a Article in The Philippine Star, in Lifestyle Features section – Business Life

Written by Jennifer Ong, published August 11, 2009


Why it pays to be with Nu Skin

For once, the sight of more than 3,000 people made Dan Chard nervous. His company had set a big stage for this big event. But it eventually became clear that any stage would never be big enough.

With over 3,000 distributors from Southeast Asia and even more throughout the world, no stage will ever be big enough for the whole direct-selling network of Nu Skin Enterprises to stand on.

The truth is, Nu Skin is a global brand with a global statement to make. Headquartered in Provo, Utah, this multinational firm with a will and a heart has so far extended its sales and operations to as many as 48 countries across the world. They attribute their success to one defining factor: their difference.

Nu Skin prides itself on being the only company with a “difference demonstrated.”

“Nu Skin is different because we can demonstrate how we are different from the rest of the products throughout the world,” says Nu Skin Vice President for Distributor Success, Dan Chard.

Chard further explains that the Nu Skin difference is seen in four things: its people, its products, its business opportunity, and its culture.

Nu Skin believes greatly in its people, which includes 8,700 employees and as many as 800,000 direct sellers throughout the world. These direct sellers are all professionals who personally market and offer various Nu Skin products in their home country and even abroad.

During the first-ever Nu Skin Southeast Asia SeedPower Regional Convention held in Genting Highlands, Malaysia, the Nu Skin President for Southeast Asia Melisa Tantoc – Quijano also boldly proclaimed an ultimate goal: to GoDouble by 2010. And if you think that goal only amounts to a couple hundred millions, think again.

In 2007, Nu Skin had staggering revenues of US$1.16 billion globally. This is a company that believes the payoff to their direct sellers should always be huge. And fact is, Dan envisions Nu Skin to be “the most successful direct-selling business in the world by paying more commissions than any other company.”

If you really must know, Nu Skin pays as much as a 42-percent commission to its distributors worldwide. In fact, in 2007, the company paid its many business partners a total of $488 million for all their direct-selling work well done. And in the Philippines, it is reported that as much as P1 billion has already been paid out to about 7,000 distributors in the country since Nu Skin started its operations here in 1998.

When you’re a Nu Skin “business partner,” Nu Skin believes that becoming a millionaire can readily happen. With Nu Skin, the rewards that money can buy can be all yours and more. In fact, Nu Skin distributors really get more with “what they are able to accomplish in their personal lives beyond just growing their own business,” as Dan Chard would say. After all, these direct sellers get ahold of some of the best skincare and healthcare products in the world, which they also try and enjoy for themselves.

Something else that sets Nu Skin apart from the rest is the fact that there are more than 100 scientists around the world who work to create all Nu Skin products. The company divides its product segments among two brands: the skincare and body-care line Nu Skin, the healthcare line Pharmanex.

The company also recently announced a newly re-launched product, the Galvanic Spa system, which Nu Skin director of product marketing and communications for USA and Europe Tania Bliss says will stop you from ever looking tired at any time of the day. This system is said to work as a facial and body-care treatment in one, with the help of certain Nu Skin treatment gels and the galvanic currents already present in one’s body.

Meanwhile, Nu Skin Chief Scientific Officer and Executive Vice President for Product Development Joseph Chang also had one piece of good news to deliver courtesy of extensive scientific research. It seems Dr. Chang and his team have discovered an “age-lock” breakthrough.

Well, the Nu Skin team may not be getting older. But they are certainly getting wiser and a whole lot richer


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