More Facts and Accurate Infos about 15th Flr Ocatgon Bldg and 26th Flr Trafalgar Plaza – Philippines

Nu Skin Philippines

Nu Skin Philippines

If you stumbled upon this blog, then you may happen to know why you have clicked it: because you want to know the truth, and because you’re searching for more facts about the subject.  Throughout this blogsite, you will notice numerous posts about what is it that people seem to talk confused about what’s in these office, in 15th Flor Ocatgon Bldg in Pasig City, and 26th Flr Trafalgar Plaza in Makati.  And that company is Nu Skin and Pharmanex Philippines. For more than 25 years, Nu Skin has been developing products and resources in hopes for a better and promising future for millions around the world. Established in 1984 in the United States with a promise and commitment of producing and distributing skin care and health products made only from highly researched and rare ingredients.  Long before the world became conscious about antihistamines and antioxidants, Nu Skin has already been dedicating itself into developing breakthoughs in premium and truly healthy skin care products.

Through the Nu Skin Professional Advisory Board — innovators in the fields of dermatology, ethnobotany, and nutritional and cosmetic sciences — they develop products that benefit from some of the most advanced ingredient technologies available today.

And through its Force for Good Foundation, they have brought countless humanitarian and non-profit feeding to millions of malnourished children globally.

What is Nu Skin Philippines? Nu Skin brings consumers of the world state-of-the-art skin care products. They do this through access to advances in science, the selection of superior ingredients, and our ability to target individualized consumer needs. Most of all, they partner with highly trained and motivated global sales force (distributors) to provide consumers with results-driven products, service, and selling opportunities.

Nu Skin’s 6th Asian Market and 23rd Overall Seeing a vast potential for the Asian market-kindly delete sentence – redundant, Nu Skin Philippines, Inc. commenced operations last February 5, 1998, with an overwhelming response from thousands of Filipinos who signed up as distributors. Nu Skin Philippines, a subsidiary of Nu Skin Enterprises, is the 6th market in Asia and the 23rd worldwideKindly delete sentence – redundant. It is now recognized as one of the companies that provide an exceptional line of products to consumers, far-reaching opportunities, and the most effective support to its distributors.

Currently, Nu Skin Philippines Corporate Office is located at the 15th Floor Octagon Bldg, Ortigas Center, one of the major business centers in the country. Two (2) Walk-in Centers are operational in Metro Manila key areas – Pasig and Makati – in 26th Floor Trafalgar Plaza, HV Dela Costa St.. These centers are equipped with conference rooms for training and other distributor activities. Complementing the company’s development, the Cebu, Iloilo pick-up center for product selling and Pampanga Walk-in Centers are also open to serve distributors in those areas. The availability of these Walk-in Centers provideslimitless opportunities to its distributors.


NU SKIN  is an emerging world leader in the creation and distribution of premium personal care products with an emphasis on special skin treatments. They offer progressive choices in consumer-oriented products that perform beautifully. Commitment to product quality and innovation has always been Nu Skin’s priority and strength, hence the current slogan “The Difference Demonstrated”.

PHARMANEX  is a leader in the research and development of phyto-pharmaceutical and nutritional products. With the guidance of 50 on-staff scientists and 150 affiliated scientists at academic institutions around the world, Pharmanex produces proprietary products that set new industry standards. Focusing on innovation and growth, their reputation has been built on unique, pharmaceutical approach to natural health care and is evidenced in the slogan “Live Better, Longer.”


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  1. joey ong says:

    hi can i find some distributors, who willing to explain to me how Nuskin philippines works when comes network marketing and its products, u may contact me through my email, im willing to know more of it thanks

  2. dennis says:

    hi joey, pls post your contact info on where to reach you.

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