15th Floor Octagon Bldg – 25 years of Nu Skin Worldwide

Nu Skin at 25

Nu Skin at 25

Nu Skin Enterprises recently celebrated their 25th year in the industry.  25 years for a multinational company is a pretty hard record to beat for something to be labeled as a “scam”, particularly here in the Philippines.  Nu Skin Philippines is operating at the 15th Floor Octagon Bldg, in Ortigas Center, Pasig City.  A subject of negative allegations and false speculations, Nu Skin Philippines actually carry 25 years worth of success in a global scale, and here is the principle they practice as such:  One of the principal ways that Nu Skin demonstrates its difference is through high-caliber people. This includes the global network of nearly 800,000 active distributors. The corporate office encourages their distributors to not only strive for continued growth in their business pursuits, but also in every aspect of their lives. When they say “encourage distributors”, it means to constantly look for ways to grow and develop, they become the kind of leaders who can overcome hurdles, inspire others and enjoy success. That’s why, from the moment Nu Skin began 25 years ago, the central mission has been to improve people’s lives. Everything they do—from scientifically substantiated products to unique corporate culture and dynamic business opportunity—is meant to empower people to improve life for themselves and those around them. This focus on personal development has always been, and will always be, vital to their growth as a company.  Simply implying, that the corporate is responsible for their distributors and that they would not risk such position in the industry in trade for deceit and scam.

From its founding nearly 25 years ago, Nu Skin Enterprises’ mission has been to improve people’s lives—through quality products, rewarding business opportunities, and an uplifting and enriching culture.  And in their non-profit Force For Good Foundation alone, Nu Skin has demonstrated how they were able to achieve this mission of improving lives in a global scale.  25 years of hard and credible work didn’t take over night, and they’ve started from humble beginnings:

In a 1993 convention speech, Blake Roney, chairman and co-founder of Nu Skin Enterprises, used the phrase “force for good” as he shared his vision of how he wanted the company, its distributors, and employees to be known around the world. This phrase articulated the company’s values and has become the central theme of the company’s overall mission and philanthropic efforts.  The original“force for good” campaign was introduced in conjunction with the Nu Skin Epoch® product line in 1996. This unique brand of skin and hair care products was developed in partnership with the world’s leading ethnobotanists—scientists who study the relationship between plants and indigenous cultures. A donation of 25 cents from the sale of each Epoch product is directed to preserve the environments, languages, lifestyles, and traditions of indigenous people around the world.

Not long after, Nu Skin Enterprises saw the need to formalize its philanthropic endeavors by creating an official foundation. The Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation was chartered to emphasize support for children, and continued to be funded from Nu Skin Epoch product donations.

From its first project to support the traditions and environment of families living in the Falealupo village in Western Samoa to the now hundreds of humanitarian projects supported in more than 50 countries, the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation is committed to making a difference for thousands, if not millions, of children for generations to come.

For the last 25 years, I believe Nu Skin proved their credibility to the world time and again, and I see no point why Filipinos would doubt them simply because of misinformation, often times, misunderstanding and misjudgment.  Many are quick to be cynical by reading negative qualms, but how many truly looked the other way? By openly looking for the real facts, that Nu Skin is a legitimate and credible business for the past 25 years.


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  1. Filipina says:

    Please visit my website to learn more about Nu Skin products and the services of my company in Vancovuer, BC.

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