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Nothing Wasted - from Truman Hunt's Blog Page

Nothing Wasted - from Truman Hunt's Blog Page

Nu Skin Bloggers have put up their new blog-site and as part of Nu Skin’s 25th Anniversary in the business, the bloggers themselves have just gone to Malawi, South Africa, to personally participate in a massive feeding program.  15th Floor Octagon Bldg, San Miguel Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig, houses Nu Skin Philippines here in Manila.  Most people locally are unaware of the business nature of this company, and most obviously the gesture of goodwill it contributes through their Force for Good Foundation.  I would just want to feature this latest project and how notable people from Nu Skin not only here in the Philippines, but internationally, are committed into extending humanitarian help through its worldwide non-profit foundation.  Two-bit scammers and deceitful companies cannot even come close to that magnitude of credibility in the industry, so I keep on wondering why many are still doubtful of Nu Skin.  An official blog sitewww.nuskinblogsite.com, has been put for committed Nu Skin bloggers to share not only the business, but notable activities globally.  These Bloggers recently journeyed into Malawi, one of the poorest nations in South Africa, and chronicled their outreach in the site.  As several of the bloggers has shared their remarkable experience, here is a feature of excerpted tales to share to you.


In just one of the earliest days in Malawi, they have already handed nearly 2000 children a bag of VitaMeal.  They visited Home of Hope orphanage that has been using VitaMeal for the children.   Guests also went to various churches and subsequently looked for more projects that they would like to support. They want to work through already established women’s groups throughout Malawi to address hunger and then help each community achieve self-sufficiency.  An excellent example where small children met in a nice open community center to be taught and to receive VitaMeal.  They had nice latrines with a tank of water to wash their hands.  They had a bore hole with a very nice pump which women in the village know how to maintain and repair. A member of the organization lives in the village for three months in order to assure that their programs are implemented.  They have shared how they’ve spent much of their days in Malawi on a food drop to one of thousands community centers. There are only 55 official orphanages in Malawi. This is because when parents pass away, the orphans typically move in with relatives or neighbors. So much of the work to feed children happens in these community centers as opposed to orphanages.

As Truman Hunt narrates his experience, “When we arrived at the Center, there were about 200 children sitting on the ground in neatly formed lines. We traded a bag of Vitameal for a ticket each of them had. As word got out that we were there, hundreds of children started showing up. I’m guessing that we probably had 1000 children by the time we were done an hour later. They sit quietly and neat rows. Not a peep. None of them even stand up or act out in any way. As we left this location, there was a steady stream of children going back into their compounds, some running, many carrying Vitameal on their heads.

We then drove out to the Zambia border to an orphanage called Home of Hope. This is the orphanage where Madonna adopted a son. Her foundation has done good things there. Every morning, the 600 orphans arise to a breakfast of Vitameal. These kids look strong, healthy and happy. They are getting fed and educated. The founder of this orphanage is a very inspiring Presbyterian minister who has dedicated his life to the orphanage.

Then our attention turned to the future of Nourish the Children. Steve Lund and I discussed with Napolean some of the challenges facing the program. Until recently, we have been acquiring maize and soy from local farmers. But recently the government inserted itself in the supply chain. The government is now the official purchaser and reseller of all maize that are produced commercially. They needed the revenue and they wanted to fix pricing of maize throughout the country.

Continuing, “…Very impressed with the Feed the Children rep on the ground in Malawi is Jim Campbell. He has been there four months and has a wealth of experience in humanitarian work. He is very excited about Nourish the Children and is shocked that we don’t do more to seek PR from the program. He knows the world of humanitarian work and is unfamiliar with any project anywhere that is as impactful as NTC. He is a great resource on the ground to make sure our food is getting to needed spots. I’m sure that delivery is not perfect. But anywhere it goes in this country it is doing good.

I can’t wait to go back. We need to get more distributors to Malawi to see what is going on. It was a life altering experience for me. One I hope to repeat many times.

Last night our Internet was down, so I am writing this during my long layover in South Africa. Our last day in Malawi was incredible. We traveled about an hour and a half to a small community where several hundred children were waiting for us. We were there to hand out bags of Vitameal.  Thanks to Napoleon, the Vitameal distribution was surprisingly orderly. The children sit in long lines, holding a small, square piece of paper. The paper is essentially their ‘ticket’ to get a Vitameal. The Vitameal will feed them one meal per day for the next month, until the next Vitameal delivery comes. One meal a day is about all they will have – and they are the lucky ones. So many others will go without.

Never ending flow - from Truman Hunt's Blog Page

Never ending flow - from Truman Hunt's Blog Page

As we came through the line passing out Vitameal, I was touched by their gratitude and sweet natures. They were so polite and smiled when they received the food. It seems that I had to keep going back and forth over and over again, getting the Vitameal and then going down the line to pass it out – the children were packed so closely together that it was initially deceiving- there were a lot more children there than I originally thought. And more and more children kept coming, sitting in straight lines and holding their tickets. I imagine there were at least 1,000 children in all. 

I spoke to the man in charge of this food distribution. He was a taller Malawian man who gushed with appreciation for the Vitameals. He said that “words could not describe the miracles that are taking place because of you (Nu Skin)” and  said that you (Nu Skin) are “saving lives.” 

As we left, we drove past the steady stream of children who were going back to their homes, happy and smiling, knowing that they would have something to eat. It was a beautiful sight.

We then went to the Home of Hope Orphanage,  a large orphanage where children of all ages live – from babies to high-school age kids. The children have been receiving Vitameal for several years now. The orphanage is run by a pastor who is actually an orphan himself. He is a wonderful man and it is evident that he has made many sacrifices to help these children. The children are bright and cheerful and many have gone on to university, which is a huge accomplishment.”

As one of Nu Skin’s employee’s state, one of the best parts of the job is working on Nu Skin’s corporate social responsibility efforts, particularly the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation and Nourish the Children.  The Nu Skin difference is real and it is demonstrated around the world — including right in Malawi. 


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3 Responses to 15th floor Octagon Building – People – Culture – Bloggers in Malawi

  1. Miss says:

    Wonderful! Their Force for Good activity in now on FaceBook. Good venue to promote their mission. You can see videos as well.:) Good Job Nu Skin!

  2. Holly says:

    Great job for sharing this piece of info. Nice to hear that there are companies like Nu Skin who helps the needy children especially in this day and age where we are engrossed with our personal issues only. We need more compassionate people around the world to help in every way they can – big or small!

  3. christine says:

    wow. because of nu skin, those scenes of starving children in africa, will soon be a thing in the past! hope u guys can reach somalia!!

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