15th Floor Octagon Bldg – Phramanex – Biophotonic Scanner


Pharmanex's BioPhotonic Scanner

Pharmanex's BioPhotonic Scanner

Have you ever received a phone call inviting you at the 15th floor Octagon Bldg, informing you about a venture that they are currently working with Doctors with a Medical Breakthrough device from the University of Utah? Chances are, you have. They are vaguely mentioning a machine that can reveal how healthy you really are in just a few minutes. To those boggled about phone calls like these, it’s not a scam. It’s not some plastic-made clinical tools that you must peddle and sell anywhere, and they are telling the truth actually. I’m going to get the cat out of the bag and say what actually it is from that 15th Floor Octagon Bldg…It’s actually called the Biophotonic Scanner. Now, this scanner is not to be sold in the streets, online, or by phone or TV. It’s actually a service that’s exclusively used for Pharmanex. You might be wondering right now, “I thought it is clearly specified that the company at the 15th Floor Octagon Bldg in Ortigas is actually Nu Skin Philippines?”, and yes, it is. Pharmanex is actually owned by Nu Skin and is operating in the same office. What is Pharmanex?  Pharmanex is a leader in the research and development of nutritional products. The company has a portfolio of multivitamin/mineral supplements, natural health products, standardized botanicals and specialized health systems. Pharmanex products are sold direct to consumers through the Internet and a network of independent representatives. Pharmanex is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nu Skin Enterprises. Look it up in Google for more facts.

Going back to the Biophotonic Scanner, this is how it basically works: Ever wonder if you really are what you eat? The Biophotonic Scanner is a testing device that non-invasively measures the human body’s level of antioxidants, and lets you know if that an apple a day really is keeping the doctor away. Antioxidants are essential disease-fighting nutrients, such as vitamins A and C, and beta-carotene, found in abundance in certain fruits and vegetables. However, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), most adults today do not consume the levels of antioxidants they need to keep a healthy lifestyle and prevent chronic disease. Pharmanex uses a proprietary laser technology allowing the BioPhotonic Scanner to measure the Body Defense Score (BDS), allowing consumers to track and help maintain optimal levels of antioxidants, and help to keep in check their body’s fight against disease-causing free radicals.

Antioxidants…free radicals…antihistamines…These are now very familiar with us nowadays.  Almost every single product out there boast about antioxidants content and everyone seems to go crazy and concern about it.  Why? that is this has become a world concern.  Everybody now is health conscious when only a few years back, rarely anyone is even familiar with Antioxidants and what they do.  And the fact that Pharmanex and the Biophotonic Scanner has already been telling the world about it long before it got into everybody’s health concerns.  “The BioPhotonic Scanner will certainly change the way that we, as humans, go about monitoring health,” says Joseph Chang, President-Pharmanex. “By measuring antioxidant levels in the tissue, consumers finally have a tool that can provide affirmation that their healthy diets are making a difference. We’re happy that Pharmanex is leading the charge in nutritional technology and helping consumers find solid grounding in their quest for tracking their antioxidant defense.”

So how it actually works, the Scanner is developed by doctors, physicists and engineers at the University of Utah, and has become the world’s first immediate and non-invasive method of measuring antioxidant activity in human tissue. By simply placing the palm of the hand in front of a low-energy blue light laser, consumers obtain a reading of their own antioxidant level. When the purified blue laser light strikes the palm of the hand, it slightly shifts toward a green light due to the chemical makeup of the carotenoid antioxidant molecules. When a person’s antioxidant levels are measured, the amount of reflected green light is gathered and assessed to produce a numeric reading — the Skin Carotenoid Score (SCS). This number correlates with levels of carotenoids — a powerful antioxidant — in the diet, blood and tissues. Since the scanner measures the major carotenoid antioxidants, the SCS is an important indicator of the body’s overall antioxidant defense system.

Science is increasingly pointing to the importance of antioxidants for a wealth of health benefits — they are an essential component of combating free radical damage in the body. “The fact is, with our busy lives, most of us do not eat right and free radicals are taking over in our cells,” says Dr. Lester Packer, senior scientist at the prestigious Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, and Head of the Packer Lab at the University of California. “Everyone should get scanned to learn their optimal body defense score. Once you have your number, work to increase it and maintain it with a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and vitamin supplements.” In the past several years, top-tier medical journals have published reports on the health benefit of antioxidants:

  • <Journal of the American Medical Association: Low levels of antioxidant vitamins may increase risk of several chronic diseases. Most people do not consume an optimal amount of vitamins by diet alone. 
  • Journal of the American Medical Association: Diets rich in vitamins C and E may delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. 
  • Archives of Ophthalmology: Risk of Age-related Macular Degeneration can be lowered by about 25 percent when treated with a high-dose of vitamin C, E, beta-carotene and zinc. 
  • American Journal of Clinical Nutrition: Extremely high doses of some vitamins (including antioxidants) can help treat a variety of inheritable disease and slow the aging process. 

The BioPhotonic Scanner is exclusively available to the general public through Pharmanex’s network of independent representatives who specialize in health education and distribution of nutritional supplements.  Here in the Philippines, yes, they are the ones who calls you from 15th Floor Octagon Bldg, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

More of the thing? check it here http://www.pharmanexscanner.com/.


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  1. Irish Perey says:

    Wow. This is very informative. At least now I know that this is not a scam, in fact it is a very big company. And based on my factual research, I can say that this is a great company. I am excited to see this for myself.

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