15th Floor Octagon Bldg.-People-Successful new Blue Diamonds


15th floor Octagon building has been a subject of urban “myths” nowadays.  “Myths” that evolved to various stories on its own by different sorts of people and mindsets.  To its detractors and illegitimate business counterparts, there are also myths that are promised but are not supported by actual results: Success.  Valid and genuine success.  Many multi level marketing companies promise immediate success to its distributors, often times giving them false hopes.  More often, its successful members attain (not achieve) their successful status not through genuine work, but through manipulation, therefore attaining successes that are short-lived.  Nu Skin Philippines however, with offices in 15th floor Octagon Building, has produced genuine successful business executives purely on legitimate and valid hard work and perseverance.  They are called their Blue Diamonds, and they are not called as such for nothing.  Blue Diamonds are the rarest form of diamonds and it is evolved through the test of time, hammered by challenging climates, and formed out of the ordinary to be extraordinary.  Nu Skin’s Blue Diamonds are explicitly described as its direct equivalent in the business.  They are the cream of the crop, the achievers who stand out, surviving the challenging climates and test of time.  They did the business exceptionally through hard work, and best of all, they are ordinary people who became extraordinary in what they do and how they live, because they have decided to.  

Blue Diamonds are people that Nu Skin brands who demonstrate enthusiasm — constantly. Inspiring leaders who have an abundance of passion for what they do. You cannot inspire unless you’re inspired yourself. Period. Passion is something that cannot be taught. You either have passion for your message or you don’t, and these people legitimately earned all these.  They are leaders among already emerging leaders, and inspiring leaders tell memorable stories.  There exist hundreds of Blue Diamond testimonies around the world, but most importantly, inspiring and compelling tales have also taken place here in the Philippines.  Ordinary and relatable people, average Joes, students, even those with physical disabilities, have not hindered their road to genuine success.  I have witnessed during my time with this company, how an ordinary farmer from Quezon struggling with a new family was able to ultimately achieve tremendous success in what before seemed to be impossible.  His problems were real, that became subjects of his drive, and therefore his eventual success was real.  He never resolved to take shrewd means to an end, only real hard work, motivation, and the promise and opportunity of a company, doing the real business in 15th floor Octagon Building.  They are real people like you and me.  Young people who became self-made millionaires at the tender age of 25 – 30, people living in poverty and tragedy who successfully changed their lives and the lives of the people they love.

“Nothing brings greater joy than to be with your family when it counts the most and to do the things that you really enjoy” quotes Philippines’ new Blue Diamond Executives, married couple JP and Cielo.   Gen Woo introduced the Nu Skin opportunity to JP. However, he struggled with this crossroad in his life — “Either I leave the country and get a starting paycheck of $7,000 per month, or stay in the Philippines and make about P25,000 per month doing face-lifts.  It was a tough decision but my mentors in the business assured me that if I stick it out in the business, I could have both the TIME and FINANCIAL freedom that I’ve always wanted.  It was just going to be a matter of time.”

JP & Cielo being awarded the Blue Diamond pin

JP & Cielo being awarded the Blue Diamond pin

Growing up, JP was linguistically challenged.  In grade school, he was the main attraction of teasing and embarrassment among his classmates and even teachers.  It was a very painful time in his life because he literally couldn’t express himself.  “It was just like trying to make the lame walk.  It was that difficult.” His prayer everyday was that he would not be humiliated. That period in his life eventually became a major hindrance for him to doubt himself, his family and even God. He was very frustrated thinking that he’d be limited to a lifetime role of a computer encoder or any job that wouldn’t require any speaking.  It was through the business that he gained confidence in himself and the ability to communicate effectively. Who would have thought that his disability would turn out to be his greatest asset?  Nu Skin has expanded JP’s personal growth so much to the point that he, along with a handful of leaders, pioneered the Visayas market and built it to become what it is today.  He has not only been able to help people improve their financial future, but he has also inspired many others who had small hopes for themselves.  He eventually met his beautiful wife, Cielo, an accomplished wedding planner, who happened to be a distributor in his organization. Together, they went full throttle in the business.  

Because of the business, they were able to stage their dream wedding at the Shangri-la, purchase an SUV for his parents including a brand new one for themselves and travel several countries on extended honeymoons!  He also had the ability to support his cousins through college and blessed multitudes, generously giving to missions in Southeast Asia and feeding outreaches in Mindanao. To date, JP has become one of the top leaders in the Philippine organization with almost a hundred executives in his team including another Blue Diamond thru his cousin, Rhea Horrilleno – a Medical Technology graduate from Silliman University.

Rhea’s dream was to become a cosmetic surgeon.  She was ready to embark on that journey until an unexpected tragedy happened to her family that changed the course of her life. She had to stop school and find other means to support herself and her medical studies. While having a vacation in the US, a cousin pop out the word “Nu Skin” during a family gathering.  Rhea’s family and herself have been using the products for a very long time. They believed that the products were good because of its quality.  But she never did imagine selling those bottles just to make extra income to support herself for med school. Becoming self-supportive after the family tragedy, she decided to sit down with cousin (who was doing the business) and listen.  It was the word Blue Diamond and “Lifestyle” that caught her primary attention. For her, it was very simple that she  just had to use the products love them, and share the benefits to as much people as she can, then she can be a Blue Diamond and start pursuing the dream to be a cosmetic surgeon.  Believing 100 percent on the products, the decision is made right away. Six months later,  it was not easy as Rhea would have  thought. A lot of challenges came in; it was a roller coaster ride.


Rhea Horilleno presented as a new Blue Diamond

Rhea Horilleno presented as a new Blue Diamond

True enough though, name whatever challenge you can think of and Blue Diamonds like Rhea have encountered them. However, the only thing constant was, as she says, “I didn’t only make a decision to be a Blue Diamond but I also made a decision to make Nu Skin my only option, my only ticket to a privileged lifestyle. That’s the reason I had no time for negativity nor time to entertain distractions or other opportunities that look promising only for the short term. The more challenges I encounter, the harder I work. Quitting and surrendering never crossed my mind. Sometimes, people don’t understand that everything is a process. Nobody was born to be good at anything. Skills need to be learned. Success in  Nu Skin is not anyone’s in-born talent. It’s merely the willingness to learn the basic  skills  and  develop them over time as you decide to stay.  People are afraid to learn this business because they are afraid to fail, there is no such thing as failure in Nu Skin until you quit. How can you fail in this business,  when the only thing you need aside from your goals and dreams is PEOPLE!  People are the most abundant aspect in this world but  there is a scarcity of dreamers those who would be willing to change, who are willing to move out of their comfort zone. ”


Continuing… “One sure secret to my success is I never allowed anyone to lead me to compromise my goals and dreams in life.  My dreams are the only things I own in this world.  God gave me the ability to achieve them. If you only dream of a good life, Nu Skin is not for you. Nu Skin encourages you to dream big. It’s a God-given opportunity and this is the best gift God gave me.” 

New Blue Diamonds like Rhea, JP & Cielo, are just examples of a more compelling and inspiring lot of successful journeys in Nu Skin here in the Philippines.  But more than anything else, they are fellow Filipinos, real people with real motivation and dreams.  And what is the greatest secret? They just had the courage to look beyond circumstances and stay in the business. They are just ordinary people inspired to do extraordinary things.


About Randy Paulino

Liberal Nationalist. A Filipino Varied Artist, Entrepreneur, and Political Idealist. A Computer Engineer and a Web/Graphic & UI Designer.
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5 Responses to 15th Floor Octagon Bldg.-People-Successful new Blue Diamonds

  1. hi there i am Wilma carbonero fresh grad i am willing to attend and do the business but the hindrance was financially,actually i am attending already the BOM it was really fun i learned a lot of things.

    is there someone who cud teach me how to raised the amount of money to start the business with??

  2. dennis says:

    hi wilma,
    you can start the business by asking your sponsor to help you do product demos first to make extra cash from retail profit and just go forward from there. lack of money is never a hindrance to financial success. if u have a big dream then you have everything you need to get started in this. wish you all the best.


  3. This is a fantastic, It is glad to see this blog, nice informative blog, Thanks for share this article.

  4. Leonard says:

    This is such a great blog! I hope those who say they want to “research first” will come and read!

    JP and Rhea are both in my upline!

  5. nikki says:

    hi dennis, can i share your blog to my blogsite?

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