15th Floor Octagon – Culture – Force For Good Foundation

Force For Good Foundation15th Floor Octagon Building, Nu Skin Philippines, is more than business and products. They actually run a non-profit/charitable foundation called Force for Good. They have partnered with other non-profit charitable foundations and successfully engineered various projects though the years. Just in 2007 here in the Philippines, Force for Good Foundation and Virlanie Foundation, held a school supplies drive. Both corporate and distributors were able to donate 100 sets of school supplies and personal computers to elementary school students in the small town of Payatas. Force for Good also contributed funds to CRIBS (a non-profit organization that houses abandoned, surrendered or neglected babies and a rehabilitation for sexually abused female minors), and to the Deseret International Foundation to purchase equipment and supplies for eye surgeries for the people of Gurgon, India. Funding has provided approximately 650 surgeries along with about 5,000 eyeglasses. 

In September 2004, Nu Skin’s Force for Good Foundation gave additional funding to continue to provide micro-enterprise loans to approximately 260 families in the Philippines. The list can go on with various projects not just in the Philippines, but around the world, and valid and factual reports are openly available in the internet, so Google them if you may. These Foundation is not to be mistaken as a mere “front”, as credible and highly respected institutions and organizations locally and globally have partnered and ventured with this Foundation though the years.


CHILD Foundation

CHILD Foundation

Recently, through its office here in the Philippines (15th floor Octagon Building), Nu Skin sealed a partnership with Child Health in Life and Development (CHILD) Foundation to sponsor surgeries of children in Philippine General Hospital who are suffering from heart conditions. Last 2008, the company was able to help fund the operation of 10 children. This 2009, I heard they aim to sponsor the operation of 15 children. 



Nu Skin Enterprises Philippines Force for Good activity with Virlanie Foundation

Nu Skin Enterprises Philippines Force for Good activity with Virlanie Foundation

All these, are just some of the Foundation’s major projects that were successfully made whether you, or me, were part of it or not. They seemingly went through with it all under the radar. The skeptic radars of many of us out there that focus blindsided on the negative climate of Nu Skin, MLM, Networking, 15th Floor Octagon Bldg, that seem to generate in the populace. Not digging enough that there are evident facts of such goodwill that not even credible other NGOs have accomplished in the same caliber. Again, do the research. These are facts, and all has been done through the office at 15th floor Octagon Bldg. The same office many seem to criticize, and complain about, not knowing that what goes on in there goes beyond “recruitment”, beyond MLM, and beyond our stereotype notions of what the others perceived to be true. Many judge the nature of this office and the nature of this business through how they look and hear. But two people can look at one thing and see things differently, and hearing is different from listening. Lest you see and listen more than you look and hear, maybe a better judgment on the matter can be made. Many have judged the culture of 15th floor Octagon Bldg as a “scam”. But no scammer has actually made a contribution this serious to society, hasn’t it? And one does not need to be genius to see the difference.


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3 Responses to 15th Floor Octagon – Culture – Force For Good Foundation

  1. Miss says:

    You got a point Randy, “no scammer can actually make a big involvement to society”. if this is happening worldwide, no questions why the comapany “Nu Skin” can create a big noise to the industry.

  2. BB says:

    If only these things could be mentioned when people get invited. If I were invited to the business and this was mentioned, I would definitely take a closer look into Nu Skin..

  3. Chrestomanci says:

    What makes a company worthwhile is what they can do for the betterment of society. This will enlighten those who perceived the company as a scam will never look at it the same way again. You see, Corporate Social Responsibility is and should be the backbone of every company. Come to think of it… a scam actually making a difference in society? Think far and wide my friends 😉

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