PEOPLE – Service from Walk in Center Staff, AMs, Corporate Support in 15th floor Octagon Bldg


Admittedly, people do get ‘wrongly invited’ and/or “persuaded” by those working in at 15th flr Octagon Bldg in Ortigas Center, Pasig City, that almost likely seem to generate negative perception towards not only to those who experience such unfortunate undertakings, but eventually to the company itself which is Nu Skin Enterpises Philippines, Inc.  The company, in fairness but not in its biased defense, never did deny the fact that they are an MLM (short of saying, a Networking) company, nor did they ever solicit illegal ways and scams to communicate and treat their clients, customers, business partners, in ways that would deliberately discredit their more than 2 decades-long global operations.  I know for a fact, because I have seen it, and have been part of it personally.  My credibility as an individual may be vague by stating these things, but I would declare that my words on such matters are more than opinions, rather, a better judgement on a subject I personally see as a quite fair enough assessment based on not only factual information readily available, but also by the personal invlolvement I have experienced with the fact.

In a different matter, people working in at the 15th flr Octagon Bldg (I may say), are composed (but not effectively separated) by of two distinct structures with different distinct purposes: the independent distributors (the direct sales arm of the company) and corporate (management).  I will not discuss the technicalities or detailed functions of these structures, but I wish to discuss, if not try to shed some light, on what is seemingly a one narrow sided judgement towards 15th flr Octagon Bldg as a whole, without first knowing the real deal, merely based on the rampant negative publicity it has generated around the internet.  For those who may be reading this and wonder what is it that really goes on in that 15th Flr Octagon Bldg, click here for my previous entry.  Now, for my point about this post, Nu Skin Philippines DOES practice and follow professionalism in their services to their distributors & customers, contrary to what others point out at them otherwise.  

The independent Distributors are at the front end of the business nature of Nu Skin, but rest assured, corporate management maintains protocols that sees to it that its policies and procedures are professionally executed at all times.  Sure, anybody and everybody can be an independent distributor of the company if they wished to (providing legal and valid requirements), but trainings for its new distributors are conducted by the company itself and not by other independent or third party entities.  These trainings are conducted fo by Nu Skinto make explicitly sure that new distributors do the business legitimately and professionally.  They are trained to handle it as their personal businesses and to never elude to a scam-like manner.  Company policies and procedures are strictly applied like any other companies and corporations worldwide, and above all they practice moral codes of both (personal and business) ethics that the company compulsory teaches each of their new Distributors if they are to be made the sales arms of the company.  They are deliberately trained not to deceive both customers and prospective business partners, otherwise, the company would be risking its credibility it has been maintaining (specially in a level of moral high ground).  Not only does corporate involvement end after training its new distributors, but Account Managers are positioned closely and constantly to assist, monitor, and support active distributors.  Not only do they provide support in the technical aspects of the business procedures, but they see to it that the business is done the right way and maintain professionalism in the field.  Corporate Support is not limited to its distributors but also extends to customers’ needs and immediate concerns.  And all these are done through a systematic standard operating procedure that is readily available virtually 24/7 and within the maximum use of current available technology.  

Now this may all sound a hard sell and obvious defense of the company‘s practices, but as I have stated, I am making such judgments because I have personally witnessed it.  Negative attacks are pointed towards the nature of 15th Flr Octagton Bldg that interpret that the company is allegedly soliciting unprofessional ways of ‘inviting’ and scamming random people.  Sure, there are a few rotten tomatoes out there that unfortunately does the business the wrong way, but Nu Skin does ways that these are dealt with accordingly.  Such accusations are obviously present in the light of the negative stereotype that the Philippines view the MLM business.  It is undeniable though, that other fly by night companies do practice deceit and scam in exchange of short term sales, but Nu Skin and the caliber of business practice and products they have is definitely not part of it.  It is unfortunate that some distributors put the company in bad light, but the fact of it is that the company not only encourages its people to be professional, but requires it explicitly.          

The sad matter is that, we are having these kinds of arguments, because of the people who did not give the chance to look at the business personally, and that some distributors’ unfortunate lapses in doing the business.  But if one would be able to see it for themselves, in at 15th flr Octagon Bldg, Nu Skin‘s head office and their primary Walk-in center, people are greeted warmly there.  Staff are friendly, professional, ready to assist and serve.  They are real people, much like you and me, and it is always unfortunate that misunderstandings lead to negative judgments.

Nu Skin’s corporate management, trains and guides their distributors to do business the right and legitimate way…all the way.  And they may be responsible for what their sales arm reflects upon them, but it is not fair enough to lay down verdict negatively towards it as a whole.  That is my opinion, from what I have seen, experienced, and have personally done.


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Liberal Nationalist. A Filipino Varied Artist, Entrepreneur, and Political Idealist. A Computer Engineer and a Web/Graphic & UI Designer.
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3 Responses to PEOPLE – Service from Walk in Center Staff, AMs, Corporate Support in 15th floor Octagon Bldg

  1. leapmunar says:

    what’s the issue here? NuSkin having a tainted name?

  2. Miss says:

    probably, clearing things out. Well ive’d seen the business, and talk to the right people. Nu Skin is good for me

  3. BB says:

    I guess there are Distributors who say things “vaguely” or even inaccurately so as to invite people… It’s not right but I do understand where they are coming from. Particularly here in the Philippines, it’s really hard to find people who are open-minded enough to this kind of business.

    I think that the challenge here is if those people saying bad things about Nu Skin would be in the position of the Distributors, and say they would invite themselves, what are the things they would do (or say) in order to invite themselves into the Nu Skin business?

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