15th Floor Octagon Bldg – The Facts of What’s in There

Just what is it in 15th floor, Octagon Bldg., San Miguel Ave., Pasig City?

Octagon Bldg San Miguel Ave Ortigas Center Pasig City

Octagon Bldg San Miguel Ave Ortigas Center Pasig City

There are numerous incidental, abrupt, or seemingly strange phonecalls that are being made everyday all around the metro, a vaguely business opportunity “invite” pointing at this Office Address. Chances are, you may have come across this, and that you may have been “smart” enough to Google it in the net to satisfy your curiosity. And should I ask, did it? Or did you just stumbled upon a dead-end wall and that somehow felt safe that you were “saved” from the pangs of a seemingly ridiculous scam. Indeed, many people are curious enough to Google it, saving the hassle of being “victimized” by going all the way to 15th Floor Octagon Bldg. only, for some, to be skimmed off. But smart enough? We don’t know for sure. I am writing this post to lay down facts, not urban legends, about what is it really that goes on in that 15th floor Octagon Building in Pasig City. And when I say facts, not only do I know the experiences many of you have gone through, but facts because I was personally part of the system in 2005. Technically, I still am. And like many of you, I was curious enough to research it first, but was smart enough to REALLY know the deal and just what truly goes on in it.

And these are the facts:

15th floor Octagon Building, San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, is the official business office and address of Nu Skin Enterprises here in the Philippines, and has been operating legally up to the present day. Nu Skin Enterprises is a US based multi-level marketing company that’s been in operation since 1984, worldwide. Yes, it’s completely legit, and what they say about the company is true as the green color of the grass. They are publicly listed in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and has been featured numerous times in CNN and other world news. They are also the corporate owners of Pharmanex and Big Planet (yeah, what they say about owning 3 companies is a fact). Point is, Nu Skin and Pharmanex are legitimate businesses and real top brands and that 15th floor Octagon Building is their head office here in Manila, Philippines. I need not say more of the validity of these facts, many of you are smart, so Google it and find all the answers. You do the research. Now, you could have been smart enough to Google “Nu Skin”, but somehow, Nu Skin was not mentioned by the person who called you. Instead, they mentioned Synergy1 Global, Synergy1 International, Galvanics, or whatever business entities that doesn’t somehow show up when you do your curious search in the internet. This, is what makes the whole thing shady and questionable. Doesn’t it? And so you search for the office address “15th floor Octagon Bldg“, and what you get is a dozen blogs and forums of disenchanted, disappointed, ranting, bedazzled individuals who share their experiences with these “annoying” calls. So you get back to the one who called you…or “invited” you…and ask all these questions that they somehow can’t answer straight. True to form, they are only speaking what they really perceive and that they are not the ones to blame. Both the bloggers and the one who called you…And you.

If you are smart enough as you think, ask them. Challenge their claims. See it for yourself, after all, you know you’re smart enough not to get scammed, no matter what is presented or offered to you. But know this for a fact, being smart is different from a pessimistic ignorance. 

The truth about it all, is that these people are not scammers. Really. Some, just don’t say the right things to say. And I believe that you can never really say the wrong things to the right people, or vice versa. Otherwise, the result is really a failure of communication, the purpose defeated. Nu Skin Enterprises (NSE) / Pharmanex, is bluntly, a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) company, otherwise known here as “Networking”. And with the likes of it, such business model is still alien and not widely acceptable yet here in our country (ironically in this day and age), but not in the case of other countries particularly in the U.S. or our other giant neighbors here in Asia, where MLM is openly practiced and accepted. Hence, even in its decade-long legit existence in the Philippines, Nu Skin has still yet to come into wide acceptance in our society/ local market, despite its huge successes overseas. That’s why it has developed a unique business model for its market. Suffice to say, it developed multiple marketing arms. And Synergy1, Synergy1 Global/ International (or any other entities out there) are part of the many independent distributors of Nu Skin Philippines operating in the same office at 15th floor Octagon Bldg in Ortigas.

Every known company, particularly the big ones, has telemarketing as the bloodline of their business. This should not be hard to comprehend, considering the call center / BPO industry the country is embracing right now. But not every one of us thinks in a business-like fashion, and so it would be really hard to chew these things at times. Think of it in a nutshell, that Nu Skin is the supplier of products and merchandize, and that several “groups” and entities have committed to market these products at the same time handling it as their own businesses. That’s what these people do. Too vague to understand? That’s why they call. People do not get invited with these calls, they are seeped…filtered out…like a funnel…from a dozen market leads that any other company in the world has. And what they say, is true enough in content that they are a US based company that’s currently expanding here in Manila/ Philippines/ South East Asia.. and right now they’re just looking for qualified individuals to handle sharing of the opportunity to those who are interested to venture in the business. Understand, that these things have to be vague. Why? Because they are not sure just yet if you’re really the one they’re looking for. They don’t want to sell on you, they want to know if they can do business with you, or not. And there is no utter scam in all that. Sure, there are a few rotten tomatoes out there who operates in a very “different” manner that eludes to a scam. That is inevitable, not to mention unfortunate.But what they really are, are legitimate operating groups and entities that does business Consultancy, training grounds for interested Entreprenuers who wants to start up their own businesses, and just looking for some key people to expand with them.

There are no promises in this business, and truly no commitments. If some say there are, then that’s the scam out there. A scam of the individual who may have called you, but not the scam of the company or the business they represent.

I for one, may be the skeptic of all the skeptics out there. And I am easily annoyed with telemarketers (who isn’t?). But the thing is, I was smart enough to look on deeper. I’m a skeptic but not a pessimist, those are completely different things. I don’t want to be annoyed, but when my curiosity is aroused, I give it shot. After all, I know I’m smart enough not to ignore something I don’t fully understand. There is a reason not everything is explained right then and there in that short phone call, otherwise, what’s the point. Like you, they do not intend to waste time, so it’s either you’re interested, or not. If you are, then talk business with them in the right place and not in the confines of a faceless phone call. If you’re wise to look at it in an open minded view, it is even for your own advantage.

If you are smart enough as you think, ask them. Challenge their claims. See it for yourself, after all, you know you’re smart enough not to get scammed, no matter what is presented or offered to you. But know this for a fact, being smart is different from a pessimistic ignorance. Nothing to lose, a potential of everything to gain.


About Randy Paulino

Liberal Nationalist. A Filipino Varied Artist, Entrepreneur, and Political Idealist. A Computer Engineer and a Web/Graphic & UI Designer.
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48 Responses to 15th Floor Octagon Bldg – The Facts of What’s in There

  1. Kats Pascual says:

    Yep..Ive read several blogs about that. I was called 2 years ago by this company, although I am not part of them I do think this is not a scam. Some of them just really practice the business the wrong way

  2. Ryan Chung says:

    You basically got it all there. I used to be part of the group until I decided to focus more on med school. Most of the people there are nice, honest-to-goodness business people. Shame that all the publicity about them have been extremely negative.

  3. francis says:

    actually ang problema rito ay ang open mindedness ng mga tao. at this day and age open mindedness is critical. dapat nga yun ang pinapalabas sa tv eh nde ung mga typical na love triangle na yan.

    so far i’ve been there, seen it, done it and learned from it. i’m one of those open minded people who took the risk to participate. and to my experience wala akong pinagsisisihan. marami akong life lessons na natutunan sa floor na yan.

    to those people who judge at the ‘swing of their swords’ kindly be careful. because our minds are like parachutes, if their not open, we eventually fall and die.

  4. John Co says:

    I know some people who are part of this organization and as far as I know the business is legitimate. Although I have heard some people complain about the way they recruit agents, I’ve never heard any complaint about the business itself.

  5. julius says:

    ah eto pala yun. dami ko nakita negative. sige nga puntahan ko.i want to find it out for myself.

  6. pao says:

    finally! someone who got it right! i’ve been really curious to check the negative blogs about our business that’s why i searched for’em…and yeah they were negative, good thing i found this and saw that yes, may nagiisip talaga pa. ive been in the business for 3 years since i was a junior in admu and this business really gave me a lot–more than the income; the learnings, the growth in me and the opportunity to help people and my family are the ones i value most here. true i was skeptic, i saw it and ignored it a year before i joined; good thing a friend showed it to me again. that was the time i became open. it’s just annoying when people say such negative things, when in truth, they havent really seen it at all…weird di ba? come on guys, this is the internet…anyone can post anything. i just hope we use our heads and see first if the source is credible before we believe them. good thing i checked it out, or i couldve missed something life-changing, at least to me and the people i’m working with. peace out 😉

  7. basti says:

    I’ve been there and yes, it is not a scam. The company is a member of the Direct Selling Association of the Philippines which is composed of legitimate direct selling and network marketing companies engaged in the business of person to person selling. The group is recognized by the Department of Trade and Industry, Those who are invited to join should understand clearly what the business is all about and not just rely on negative posts from the internet.

  8. Julo Lim says:

    Finally, someone who actually tells the truth about the business! Two thumbs up to you Mr. Paulino! It is very annoying how some people quickly generalize this business as a scam of sorts (pyramiding, etc.) when in fact, it is really a LEGIT business. Yes, the method of business is pretty young, but it has proven to be effective, even more effective than other traditional businesses. But of course, since our way of doing business is still pretty new, many people still don’t truly understand it, thus fearing it and generalizing it as a scam. If people are smart enough to notice, most of the people claiming that Nu Skin Enterprises is a scam have never even really TRIED doing the business. Seriously, it’s like saying that a certain product sucks without even trying the product yourself. I just hope people doing research on whether or not the company is legit get to read this entry because it will really help them make a well educated and non-biased decision on whether or not they should partake in this opportunity. It would be a waste if people would decide not to take the opportunity at financial freedom just because they were bombarded with bad rumors about this business. After all, at the end of the day, what would you rather listen to? Opinions, or Facts?

  9. miel says:

    Very well said randy. Researched it myself, a rock solid company such as this deserves a closer look. On one end, filtered out na yung mga close minded na ayaw ng opportunity for themselves–saves you from spending time on the wrong people. On the other hand, poor are those who are misinformed because they’ll never get a chance to see WHAT’S IN IT FOR THEM 😦

  10. Jayson says:

    People can always say yes or no. Since i value professionalism, if i agreed for an appointment, it means i will be there. No ifs or buts, no excuses. Bottomline, i believe that after seeing everything, no person can force me to do anything unwillingly. Anyway, what have i got to loose. Seeing an opportunity whether its for me or not will still be better than 2 hours of lousy time watching telenovela or just surfing the net. Just some thoughts to consider if you were invited.

  11. angela says:

    whoo! finally meron na ring nagentry base on facts and not mere OPINIONS. Yes, the company is legit. I’ve been with the company for months now, although hindi pa formal member. the company is great and I’ve seen many lives na nag-improve na. yung iba students na katulad ko. the people on that floor are very kind and positive. hindi ka lang nila tuturuan pano magbusiness, they will teach you how to be sucessful din. and my dreams became clearer when i decided to join. this is the fastest vehicle to reach our dreams and ambitions sabi nga namin. to those people who says negative about the company, try to see or google it first before blurting out negative comments about the company. besides, smart people don’t depend on hearsays or mere opinions, they see it for themselves. How can you tell if it is a scam or pyramiding scheme if you won’t see and research it for yourself?

  12. donnamood says:

    hehe. . weird naman dami mo pang sinabi well anyways tamad kasi akong magbasa ng blogs and some others stuffs kaya triny ko nalang haha. . grabe pareng pau sooper cool nito buti nalang di ako mapagpaniwala sa blogs and tamad pa talagang magsearch kung hindi. .siguro hindi ako nagtransform if nakilala mo ko before you would actually feel different when you meet me now haha. . i’v been in the business for several months pero you know what i feel different siguro dumami lang pera ko haha pare san ka ba makakakita ng business na hindi lang financial binago kung hindi pati buhay mo. . as in character lahat. . di ba amazing sabi nga namin YOU AINT SEEN NOTHING YET. . haha the transformation happened in the 15th floor octagon. . hanep kaya yung mga bloggers jan and yung mahilig magresearch wala lang haha its for you to decide ang tatanda nyo na kaya hehe as they say ang maniwala sa sabisabi walang bait sa sarili. . NU SKIN HUN HAU. .

  13. donnamood says:

    di nyo naman siguro pagkakatiwala sa blog yung buhay nyo yung difference na pwedeng mangyari sa inyo haha ;p isip isip mga friends. . ILOVENUSKIN ;p

    — dzie dzee-en ;p

  14. Miss says:

    Ya right guys, well i know we can’t please everyone. Eversince MLM business enter our market, i see the word “OPPORTUNITY”. it all depends on how people understand it. For Nu Skin…High Five. I’ved been there, tried their products and understand how everything works. And you know what attracts me most?, their foundation. Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation focusing on children and their Nourish the Children initiative. WOW. Helping others and share few of what you have can save thousands of life. I myself can not do it alone, but now i made my share by knowing and understanding the company. No wonder why Nu Skin has been in the industry for 25 years. For people who only looks for money…sorry you can’t see the money, but for those who wants to see opportunity, im sure you can get one.

  15. Ralph says:

    High 5 Synergy… check out this video… most people are like this, they believe in hearsays eventhough they haven’t seen the opportunity.

    “See for yourself. Decide for yourself.”

    Bill Clinton remarks to Direct Selling Association


  16. Holly says:

    With the most recent economic crisis not only here in the Philippines but with the rest of world, network marketing or MLM business is our best option. You become your own boss, there is TIME freedom and you reap what you have worked hard for. Nu Skin is a very stable company existing for 25 years now and strong in more than 45 markets globally. It is an eye-opener for me and I would surely stay with Nu Skin. I love the products, the people, being a force for good, and the fun incentive trips I joined. It is best to try it for yourself. Thanks Randy for writing this!

  17. gamzter says:

    now a positive blog post…ngayon sigurado na akong hindi nga siya scam…but still…maybe im not into business kaya hindi ko din siya kinagat…well thanks anyway sa info…

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  19. dennis says:

    well explained detail on the whole subject. i think there are some negative blogs written purposely by other mlm companies trying to ruin nuskin, coz it has been very successful so far in the last 11 years na andito. trying to get a piece of the market share by making good companies look bad. if you know you are in control of what you want and dont want, then there should be no reason for not checking it out, not unless you dont know what you want and easily agree with people (walang sarilign decision).. by the way for those who made appointments and didnt showed up, talks alot about being professional and for those people that curse on the blogs, its really reflects so much on how your parents brought you up.. way to go and good job they did, they really made sure that they set you up for huge success in life.tough luck, hope you guys find great mentors to change your foundation as a human being, otherwise, am very sure that you willbe part of the statistics that the government have to support. KUDOS randy

  20. BB says:

    I actually know of people who are into the Nu Skin business. It is definitely not a scam. A lot of people in this business, called Distributors, are making an honest living with what they do in Nu Skin. Some of these people are actually respected corporate employees, Vice presidents, yuppies, but have decided to do Nu Skin instead.

    If people as such would leave a promising, successful corporate career, would you still say that Nu Skin is a scam. People should be more open.

  21. francesca says:

    Love it! 🙂

  22. sikreto says:

    wait lang…

    bakit po US BIOTECHNOLOGY naman ang pangalan ng company na ipinakilala sa akin?

    wala lang… curious lang po… hmmmmm..

  23. anonymous says:

    hindi naman sa hindi ako open minded, pero may duda talaga ako dito sa ganito. Di ko rin alam kung nagsasabi kayo ng totoo o sinasabi nyo lang yan dahil taga dyan na kayo at napipilitan lang na magsabi ng maganda para may madamay pa na iba. Networking kasi yan kaya tingin ko baka sinasabi nyo lang yan para kumita din kayo. sorry to be mean po, yan lang po nasa isip ko pero syempre di ko rin naman alam kung ano ang totoo.

    I don’t want to try na pumasok dyan at matanggap kasi baka there’s no turning back pag natanggap na ako. Mas ok siguro kung bago pa lang matanggap eh may assurance na agad na legit talaga yan at pwede magresign anytime…

  24. sm says:

    truth is. with the advent of blogging, its sad that people are making money out of negativity. its kinda like smart people trying to make blood money out of hurting other people.
    sabi nga nila diba bad news sells.
    but the sadder truth is people who take anonymous internet personalities words as gospel truth is either a coward who would rather believe in fear than reason. or is foolish enough not to understand that there is no censorship in the internet.
    some of the stories being told in these 15th floor octagon blogs are completely fictitious, i happen to know some of the names they were pointing to and there is no way in the world these people would even stoop down to that level. these are sons of super rich families and highly educated decent people. in fact, they are some of the nicest people i know, but i heard that the author is actually a leader of a scam binary mlm that is local and is fabricating these fictitious stories. sad that they compete below the belt, maybe because they have nothing else to compete with, since most of them come from a long history of scams that have since folded. like swindlers who scam people over and over again. only stupid people would follow them.

    another truth is, filipinos naturally are averse to sales. and so anything that has anything to do with sales is bad, even when theres nothing wrong with it.

    whats there to be afraid of in mlm? theres really nothing much to lose. the only people that lose are people who manipulate the system, in companies like nuskin, there is a 90 days refund policy, so how can you lose? unless you were stupid enough not to read the manual and rules?
    what kind of smart business person would do business without first knowing and reading the rules of the game and then complain later? truly only the pa victim people who wants to blame the world for their lack of skill. or lack of confidence.

    if you were so friendly that you have manyfriends, if you were confident with your skills. if you were confident in your ability to decide. would you be afraid to look? would you be afraid to do mlm? obviously not. so it all boils down to 1 thing – insecurity.

    but when you are truly driven, truly looking for opportunity, truly have a purpose in mind. your purpose and will power have to be greater than your fears, otherwise, forget entrepreneurship, afterall, DTI says.. 95% of all business would close or fail within 10 years. thats a pretty harsh statistics too.. so insecure people need not even try 🙂 i therefore conclude that all business is a scam and only employment is sacred and pure. than God there are less pure people called ENTREPRENEURS who gambled alot of provide your so called secure jobs 🙂 i guess these are the minority of the people who ‘survived’ while most of their co business owners lost their shirt 🙂
    in conclusion, ENTREPRENEURSHIP is EXCLUSIVELY for people with COURAGE. if you are insecure, better deal with that first. if you can’t take the heat, don’t come to the kitchen 🙂

  25. sm says:

    i saw the activity that happens at 15th flr octagon and the nuskin mlm deal. and hey, i may have been skeptic about mlm in the past, but it is legit and legal. and thats kinda easy to prove dont you think so? all these ignorant bloggers vending(selling) negativity is always anonymous , because takot siguro ma sue .
    i heard people inviting with the following lines:
    1- business -totoo naman e. its a legit business
    2-its a multi national- isnt 45 countries multinational enough?
    3-biotech- oo nga naman pharmanex is a biotech company
    4-synergy1- ganda naman nito, imagine, me support system pa talaga to guide you on how to be successful? where do you find a business like that! me organisational support ka pa. ive done several businesses and hey, dami kong trial and errors, how i wish there was something like this na kahit matanong ko man lang ng strategies.. i think this is what robert kiyosaki was referring to by support.
    all in all, big company+professional support. tanggalin mo lang ang stigma sa mlm, sounds like a sure winner dont you think so?

  26. pablo says:

    pansin ko lang sa mga nababasa kong mga negative blogs and comments about the company, parang mga students palang ung nagsulat, ung wala pang nangyayri sa buhay nila.kung ndi man students, ung mga taong nagwowork na pero still wala paring nangyayari sa buhay nila.

  27. ela bianca says:

    I’m just curios what could this company offers to all jobseekers or even to opportunity hunters who would like to work for a living? How does this business works? Is there a website where this company show their profile? How would the readers believe and satisfy their conciousness if there’s no facts or datas that would really tell that this business is for real. I respect all the comments of people who posted their ideas and opinions, but isn’t it better if there are detailed facts about the company? I hope somebody can tell where to find it.

  28. Andrew says:

    katatawag lang nito kanna .. ano keang gagawin ko . hmm

  29. Tracy Hodges says:

    Direct Selling is the way to go. Check out this company that is sweeping the nation. http://www.askcoachtracy.com Ardyss International

    Health & Wealth at the SAME TIME.

  30. beth valdez says:

    i hope i can pss the interview para i can start my job already.

  31. Jayson says:

    1:30pm ako mamaya
    binasa ko ung website ng NU Skin Enterprises,
    inalam ko din mission vision nla,
    nature ng company (MLM)
    pati ung tumawag sakin hinagilap ko din sa net,
    andaming nega ito lang ata positive response hehe
    may sarili akong goal kaya ako pupunta
    teka panu ba papunta dun from cubao?

  32. Jayson says:

    nagaalala lng ako kasi ece ako, e diba bout beauty products to? tama po ba?

  33. Jayson says:


    You will be giving them an amount of P12,600 sabi jan, tapos bnta benta.. teka totoo ba to?


  34. afg says:

    to those who claim that this business was really good or life-changing of sorts, tell us some figures or more concrete proof how this opportunity improved you especially on the financial aspect.

  35. mmmm says:

    I have nothing against MLM and NU Skin. I was recruited there before and I declined because I’m not interested in it. Simple as that. I was actually called up again just yesterday. It slipped my mind that it might be the same company trying to recruit me again, so I’ll just call up a little later in the morning to clear things up with the guy who called me. I’ve done my research back in the past and NU Skin does a good job, but I’m not really interested in transnational companies. S’all.

  36. angeli says:

    okay, better to hear both sides of the story di ba? but i think hindi fair na tawagin niyong close minded yung mga nagblog ng negative about this. if they really are, eh di sana hindi na sila nagsearch nito sa net. and others even tried to go there, hindi nga lang talaga nila nagustuhan.

    i think the company has to reset their idea of recruiting people,medyo scary nga naman kasi kung ganoon nalang sila tatawag, mangungulit at mangungumbinsi. if the company is really stable, then dapat pinagmamalaki nila ang achievements nito when they recruit and have one stable name… sorry, pero i think unacceptable ang sinabi ng blogger na “Some, just don’t say the right things to say”.. kasi parte ng responsibility ng company ang itrain ang personnel nila,lalo na ang mga magrerecruit, hindi ba dapat they are ready to answer the questions at dapat alam nila by heart ang company, even its history and different names? yung paiba-iba kasi ng pangalan doon nagkakatalo-talo, dapat may isang pangalan lang talag sila na ipapakilala sa mga nirerecruit nila.

    another thing, ang hirap kasi kapag nagsearch ka sangkaterba lalabas na negative tapos isa lang positive. nakakapagtaka di ba? if the company really helped a lot of people, bakit walang mga testimonies or blogs about it? i am sure those who are claiming they have acquired much from the company knew the negatives, so i think to be fair enough, and knowing na mga pilipino sila, for sure magsusulat sila ng blog claiming na fraud lang ang mga negative blogs and they are the living proof na natulungan sila. kaso wala eh, and ito palang ata. so you couldn’t blame the people.

    don’t call them pessimistic. they are just being safe. and please reread the post. the last two paragraphs are reciprocity of what the recruiting process of the company is showing. perhaps reread the things written here.don’t you find it amusing that it is raising the company name so well?

  37. kug says:

    highly recommended

    375 pesos sa powerbooks
    read and be inspired


  38. anna says:


    THESE ARE BY: JON M. TAYLOR, PH.D., President, Consumer Awareness Institute, and Advisor, Pyramid
    Scheme Alert – Petition first submitted September 4, 2000″


    1.NuSkin’s Naughty* Numbers** What few NuSkin recruiters know (and none who do know will say—or admit) about their “opportunity of a lifetime”

    2.Nu Skin Enterprises: An important case study for FTC officials on past efforts to implement business opportunity disclosure
    (REPORT OF VIOLATIONS of the FTC Order for Nu Skin to stop misrepresenting earnings of distributors – and the need for FTC action to redress damages and to prevent further world wide consumer losses)


    I must quote also:
    “However, even the data supplied by NuSkin is misleading, in that important extensions and interpretations are lacking and crucial information is cleverly disguised.”

  39. anna cruz says:

    Nu Skin is a member of New York Stock Exchange with Dunn & Bradstreet Rating of 5A1 (HIGHEST).wow!

  40. Sean Opry says:

    For those people who have been invited, I suggest that you attend to the appointment. The details are not possible to be covered in a phone call. Just like discussing any business franchise program. Anyway, there’s still a sifting process, since the group may or may not want to work with you. This is not a membership club. we’re looking for leaders who are willing to help other people attain their goals through the business opportunity.

    Generally, people look down on this business because they themselves have not YET been in their own business. And if they did, they do not understand how distribution business works. Really, it is a distribution business that does not entail the traditional downsides of business like overhead, paying employees, operational costs, delivery costs, etc..

    So check this out, see it for yourself. If you like what you see, then we’ll be glad to help you and work with you. Otherwise, just be blunt about it, just tell them you’re not interested. That’s fine because we’re not looking for everyone. Not everyone deserves to earn big and to be in business to begin with anyway.

  41. Mike says:

    Yup, nothing to lose and a lot (money) to gain. If you don’t like what they are offering, I bet you’re smart enough to tell them that you are not interested and just walk out. But if you can do the business, then you can probably earn more here that in your current job (or better yet do Nu Skin MLM and maintain your current job – cover your bases). I am currently a distributor for NU Skin and simultaneously operating a large cafeteria for a tobacco factory and I’m earning from both businesses.

  42. marie says:

    ask ko lang, why is it that they dont introduce well their company as “NU Skin”when they recruit through phone calls para nman ung mga ” close minded” na tao can search well and wont end up believing with the negative blogs…tnx po

  43. gc says:

    hindi sila scam.. 😉
    umattend ako sa appointment, and crystal clear ang pagkaka discuss nila about sa NU skin, ang problema, hindi ako business minded person…hahaha
    anyways. May God bless you sir sa info nabigay nyo sa madlang pipol dito..

  44. yeah boi says:

    I’m part of Nuskin… and right…. because of them…. I’m independent and helping My Parents…. with more time for my self and my family….

  45. malou says:

    Nu Skin can really change people’s lives like mine. If only others would be open to see to consider the business.. baka wala nang mahirap sa Pilipinas.. 🙂

  46. enzo says:

    im not a marketing grad or anything related to it like nursing or other medical fields. i think its part of their marketing strategy. they dont answer your questions during the phone call neither the company name(which in my case, she really did not).
    after the phone call, googled(i used the address which was given) it then i saw this site with an article with which the blogger said the company was a scam. was curious so i opened, read it and the comments as well. there were a lot of negative comments and was shocked because some comments were pointing it as a scam, dont believe in it.. etc so i was disappointed. So my first impression was “its a scam” but as i read it, there are also positive comments. there are some other links so i checked on it(thats how i found this article)
    My question was “how did they get some of my infos?”. my name and number and the school i graduated from(which she was wrong). from there on, i started to wonder. she asked me several questions and we agreed for an interview/meeting/orientation. I dont know of if still going to attend though.
    Im not against your company but I(we) suggest that you answer some of our basic questions like “what company is this?” and tell us honestly who recommended us for the opportunity so we would be interested and we don’t have to be wondering since there are alot of scammers/criminals out there. Remember the Legacy Pyramid Scheme before? Was the first thing that came into my mind.
    We thank you and the company for giving us a business opportunity and for spending some time to talk and to help us earn money and to develop/improve our entrepreneurial skills and being “ma-diskarte” including in life. I know it because i have a colleague who is also a member of this kind of MLM but they sell different products compared to this.

  47. Irene says:

    Nu Skin products are great. I use their facial wash everyday. I think the reason why many people are calling it a scam is because of the way they recruit downlines. I think I am already a distributor because I bought some items from them. But the person who sold the items to me is not pressuring me to get more people. She just told me that if I want to buy more products I can do so at a discounted price. Maybe those who aggressively recruit are a little bit on the “greedy” or “needy” (well who isn’t like that in times of economic turmoil?). If they have more downlines they’ll get more money for themselves. But they fail to recognize the fact that their downlines might not be as aggressive as they are. Meaning some people will not be able to get their capital back. This makes a legal company selling good products seem like shady and illegal.

  48. Power says:

    Based from all these comments, this NU SKIN Company is for all business entrepreneurs out there. Its purpose is really for business matters. In order for us people to join in with them is to have a capital for their business products. We all know that most of us are job seekers because we live in a poor man’s country so most of the people they’re trying to recruit wants to get a job and not to become a business partner or agent, seller, or product endorser. To keep that in short, we don’t have enough money to capitalize with such kind of business that’s why we are seeking for a job. Not to offend the NU SKIN Company, but their manner of recruiting is somehow misleading because their giving false hope to us hopefuls. Come to think of it, most of us when received a phone call like Nu Skin is doing, we all get excited because it might be a job that will answer our financial problems so without a doubt, they will be going to that 15th flr. octagon building hoping to be considered for a job. Then suddenly, a business offer instead of a job offer will be introduced to you. Honestly, this company’s style is misleading. I was also recruited twice by this company, but suddenly I am poor enough to decline the business offer. I don’t want a business, I wan’t a job. But luckily, I am smart enough to trim down the facts because as a law student, I am trained to interpret the facts most especially when it is vague or erroneous. Just like the recruitment style of this company. Wherefore, premises considered, Nu Skin Company should not mislead the job seekers because what they are doing is contrary to law, morals,good conduct and public policy. Although they are a foreign owned company, yet they are still holding its business here in the Philippines. Better change their manner of recruiting to avoid facing criminal or civil prosecution.. GOD BLESS…..

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