The Queen, the Witch & the Princess

Twisted Tales:
The Queen, the Witch & the Princess
By Randy Paulino

Johnny the drummer boy wandered around a far away land and was separated from his three brothers. In an unfortunate event, he stumbled upon the Twisted Circus, and inside it was a journey that will forever change his life…

He met a beautiful young Princess that caught his heart. But Johnny was too shy to even talk to this youthful Princess. Just the mere sight of her sweeps away every word in his head, even before saying them. It was not so long until he travelled further away from the Princess and explored the Circus.

His journey led him to a beautiful damsel and he was quickly mesmerized. Johnny didn’t know that the dazzling damsel was a Witch with magical powers. He was bewitched and done unimaginable things he never thought he could. He was casted under the Witch’s spell and was enslaved by her beauty and power. He did all her will and commanded every wish until he almost lost his sanity.

Then he was saved by a lovely young Queen. She too had magical powers and casted away Johnny from the Witch’s spell. She took Johnny under her care far away from the Witch. Johnny fell in love with the young Queen and for a moment, they became the king and queen of hearts. The Circus was filled with love, prosperity and harmony. But all was short-lived until the Witch came back for Johnny. He tried to resist the Witch’s powerful spells, so did the Queen, but in the end the Witch was victorious and destroyed the king & queen of hearts. The Queen was banished by the Witch from the circus but Johnny was spared and remained inside it.

Johnny the drummer boy refused to do the Witch’s will once again and chose to leave the Circus. He wanted to go out and find the banished Queen, but the Witch said he’ll never find her outside the Circus. Johnny insisted and travelled far away alone.

He was lost and didn’t notice that 10 years already passed. Searching to liberate himself from the Twisted Circus and find his long lost brothers, he turned in circles and found himself on the same spot where he first began. Here he met the young Princess once again now turned to a beautiful enchanting lady.

He now has the courage to show the love he had for the Princess, that he cannot do years before they first met. But the Princess’ heart is taken. Her heart is bound by the Circus itself, and all Johnny is to her was a brother. She could never return the love that Johnny felt for her.

And so, Johnny finds himself trapped inside the Circus. Wandering in limbo. Searching for liberation. Secretly loving a woman he could never have. For in the Twisted Circus,one could check out anytime he likes…but he can never leave.


About Randy Paulino

Liberal Nationalist. A Filipino Varied Artist, Entrepreneur, and Political Idealist. A Computer Engineer and a Web/Graphic & UI Designer.
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