False Gods

They are False Gods.

I wrote this primarily as a profile article dating back in 2003. Reviewing it from the archives concludes that I still have the same qualms through the years.

What I have tried to say from the conception of this thought basically is that Philippine-Showbiz is CRAP..a disgrace to Filipino heritage..Bubble heads that make our nation and generation a Stereotypical society…I dream only one day our country be rid of these people…and bring back true talent, filipino culture, and greatness to our land. Not a country infested with blatant talentless “teen” sensations and a generation who worships stereotype idols. The rise of “Reality based” shows that are second handed-ly brought to our industry from Europe and America, vehemently presents our society new superficial life templates, disguised as “real people”, for everybody to innately imitate. Pinoy Big Brother style, fake people pretending to be real people pretending to be fake. All these…manufactured, packaged and scripted “reality shows” designed supposedly to showcase real life of real people under the voyeur of the camera. WTF. Where are the real lives of real problems and real accomplishments or the real people everywhere in this country?

What ever happened to our Rizal’s, our Bonifacio’s, our Luna’s,our Quezon’s, our Ninoy’s?..or our great Actors and Actresses, Inventors, and Visionaries? The minds of Marcos, Sison, Taruc?…almost 400 years of Spanish, Japanese, American, Chinese, Muslim influence and the evolution in Arts and culture and what do we get?..people like Danilo Barrios. Streetboys. Mindless pinoy bold movies. Manufactured and Exploited teen stars. Young men and women who has one goal in life: to be commercial models….And lastly,a Government with antiquated ‘fighter’ Planes, second hand Ships and Tanks..and a poor Army who’s dying for a government without a cause. A country, like all others, that continuously embrace American power and arrogance. Even our modern day revolutionaries (that they claim to be) cannot even do it right and embarrass themselves time and again with their antics; a mockery of a rightful cause: Honasan, Trillanes, Lacson, need I say more?

Asia for Asians. Philippines for the Filipino…for the TRUE Filipino.


About Randy Paulino

Liberal Nationalist. A Filipino Varied Artist, Entrepreneur, and Political Idealist. A Computer Engineer and a Web/Graphic & UI Designer.
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