First Manifesto

…if there’s a dream I have, it is to change society as we know it today….I have become too anti-American, anti-Western these days..and pretty much becoming too nationalistic….Kahit mukhang wala nang pag asa ang Pilipinas, at iniiwan pa lalo ng mga kababayan natin para manilbihan sa ibang bansa at dayuhan ang makinabang sa talento nila, i still believe the country could survive..mahal ko pa din ang Pilipinas kahit sobrang lubog na…and given the chance to help change it, I would dream to do so.

Galit ako sa mga mayayaman, sa mga elitista..the same way sa mga mahihirap at squatter na walang pananaw ko kasi, sila pareho ang nagpapabaksak sa bansa. Yung mga gahaman na elite class ang dahilan kung bakit lalo naghihirap ang marami, at yung mga sobrang hirap na masa nmn ang may kasalanan kung bakit yumayaman lalo ang gahaman..kasi patuloy silang nagpapa-uto at nagpapagamit sa mga elitista at kuntento na sa buhay nilang ganun, ayaw na bumangon…I think the true heroes are the middle class,the laborers, and responsible upper class…they are the one’s who truly keep the economy surviving….

To the elite, I loathe them and I think they should go down from their ‘ivory towers’ and see what’s it really like to live in sweat, and face reality itself that society ‘isn’t ok’…to the lowest masses i get irritated and i think they should rise up from their muds and face reality that life can’t simply go on that way….imagine a Philippines where our people need not to go to other countries and serve foreign masters just to bring food for their family’s tables….a time when they need not to do that because life in this country is good. and the government could provide…I dream of that. Because my own family had to face that..even the woman I once loved had to go away because of that. Because life here is crap… That’s the irony. That’s what drives me. Filipinos should not go away and serve other nations just to live. They ought to live here and serve their dying nation. I would love to change that sad fact…. I am a victim of families scattered around the world..loved ones who endure being apart just to bring education, food and future…that’s ‘surviving’… it’s not ‘living’…….and I’ll say to the day I die….to the most people I could tell to..that America is not the world”…. it could be free, it could be powerful, it could be the place of dreams… but it is a place where society is demoralized, principles are shrewd, and the state and economy IS their God. My family will never be like that, this I swear. I would never allow to be apart away from my wife and my children… that is a lesson greatly learned. The Philippines is not hopeless…and being a filipino is worth it…even if it means living hard.



About Randy Paulino

Liberal Nationalist. A Filipino Varied Artist, Entrepreneur, and Political Idealist. A Computer Engineer and a Web/Graphic & UI Designer.
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