A “Hater’s” lamentations

I am often branded (either violently or sincerely) as a ‘hater’. Whether i should be disturbed or be flattered that bothers me, it’s how being a hater is defined that does. Either coming from my own personal peers, or a family member, or even the people that used to ‘love’ me,branding someone a ‘hater’ requires a certain degree of justification.  

If my enemy calls me that,i would be flattered.

If my friend calls me that,i would re-think the reason why he/she might say that.

If a loved one calls me that,then he/she might have a perfectly good reason to say that.

That truth is,i am. I am a hater. But how does one person define that? Is being a hater a sin that others may condemn? I have always preached that love and hate are both equally powerful,because there is a very thin line that separates both. The same thin line that separates conscience from guilt, or confidence from insecurity..and often times,happiness from sadnass.

If i ‘hate’ so much that the people around me would be allowed to curse me or condemn me, then in my defense, how about the ‘hate’ that is disguised by heroism and protected by justification? The hatred that the Americans feel for the islamic terrorists….isn’t it the same hatred that Nazi Germany once felt for the European Jews? In my view, America’s “reason” to attack their muslim ‘enemies’ is the same “vile” reason why these islamic radicals attacked their homeland in the first place. I do not wish to emphasize my bigotry towards the West,moreso to justify the evil acts of today’s menacing terrorists…but i do wish to somehow…understand how man differentiates both sides..somehow opposite sides of the same coin? How do people judge one who has the right to hate,and one who does not?……What if..a hater, like i and the others claim myself, has every reason to hate? will you condemn me?



About Randy Paulino

Liberal Nationalist. A Filipino Varied Artist, Entrepreneur, and Political Idealist. A Computer Engineer and a Web/Graphic & UI Designer.
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